moroccan mole gigs

Sat 13th Oct - Elephant & Castle, Ramsgate
Sat 20th Oct - Heights of Alma, Sherness
Fri 26th Oct - Market House, Maidstone
Fri 9th Nov - Quayside, Whitstable
Sat 10th Nov - Beauty of Bath, Sittingbourne
Sun 25th Nov - Market Inn, Faversham
Sun 2nd Dec - Dog & Gun, Maidstone
Fri 14th Dec - Windmill, Ashford
Fri 21st Dec - Fountain of Ale, Sittingbourne
Mon 31st Dec - Churchills, Ramsgate

Sat 26th Jan - Market House, Maidstone
Sun 24th Feb - Churchills, Ramsgate
Fri 1st Mar - Ashes Sports Bar, Maidstone
Fri 8th Mar - Fountain of Ale, Sittingbourne
Fri 29th Mar - The Saddler, Minster
Sat 20th Apr - Duke of Marlborough, Maidstone
Sun 21st Apr - The George, Rochester
Sat 27th Apr - Mariners, Ramsgate
Sat 11th May - Beach Bar & Restaurant, Sheerness
Sun 12th May - Dog & Gun, Maidstone
Sun 26th May - Churchills, Ramsgate
Fri 7th Jun - Royal Albion, Ashford
Sat 22nd Jun - Market House, Maidstone
Sat 6th Jul - Elephant & Castle, Ramsgate
Sat 7th Sep - Beach Bar & Restaurant, Sheerness
Sat 21st Sep - Duke of Marlborough, Maidstone
Sun 22nd Sep - Churchills, Ramsgate
Fri 4th Oct - Fountain of Ale, Sittingbourne
Fri 1st Nov - The Saddler, Minster
Sat 23rd Nov - Market House, Maidstone
Fri 29th Nov - Mariners, Ramsgate
Sun 15th Dec - Dog & Gun, Maidstone
Sun 22nd Dec - Churchills, Ramsgate

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bookings / more info

phone Ian on 07739 988801 or email
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Please note, if you're looking to book a band for a wedding or private party this is not generally something that the Moles do. Pubs and public festivals is more their "thing". What divas!